Terms of Payment

All Purchase Prices of the advertised dogs on the website are USD based.

All Shipping Prices on the website are USD based and provided by our contract partner, Forwarders Worldwide Logistics.

All Prices for additional services (Export pedigree, Socialization training) are USD based.


To reserve a dog at www.quality-puppies.com, the Buyer will be asked to pay a refundable reservation fee that equals to USD 500. This Deposit will be deducted from the Final Price. As the Deposit is refundable, the Buyer should make sure he or she is ready, sure, confident and has enough information to buy a dog before paying a Deposit. However, the Deposit will be returned if the Buyer cancels the reserved dog within 48 hours after the reservation. The 48 hours period is calculated from the time (hh:mm) of the order confirmation email sent by quality-puppies.com. In this case the Seller will refund the Deposit within 2 days but related payments and bank fees will be deducted. After 48 hours sale has ended and shall remain subject only to these General Terms and Conditions.

Full payment

Before shipping any ordered dog, the Buyer will be asked to complete full payment 14 days before the planned delivery time the latest. The Seller will contact the Buyer in time by email and he or she will be asked to pay the Remaining Balance of the Final Price.

Payment methods

The Seller accepts the following payment methods: PayPal or Bank Transfer. The Buyer may also pay with his or her Credit Card using PayPal where all major credit and debit cards are accepted and no PayPal Account is needed.


The Seller uses PayPal, the world’s largest online payment system to provide safe and secure online transactions worldwide.

Bank Transfer

If the Buyer does not prefer to pay with PayPal or Credit Card via PayPal, he or she may choose Bank Transfer as payment method. The Buyer should remember that the majority of bank transfers will reach the Seller’s account within 3-5 working days and he or she should allow the Seller some time to process the payment and to issue the payment confirmation and the receipt. The Buyer should ensure that the Order number and his or her name are quoted as a reference on all payments. The Buyer should transfer enough money to cover all banks’ service fee that will ensure that the Seller receives full payment. The Buyer should transfer the full amount of the Final price in one payment and should not divide it into more than one transfer. The Buyer should keep his or her bank remittance slip for future reference. Finally the Buyer should not transfer payment in currencies other than USD.


In case of non-payment the Seller will cancel the order and is entitled to withdraw from the contract and the Buyer will lose the non-refundable Deposit (USD 800,-).

Customs Duty and/or VAT (Value Added Tax)

As soon as someone buys a product, service or in this case a dog from abroad, then effectively he or she becomes an importer and may become liable to e. g. Customs Duty and/or VAT (Value Added Tax) payments. The Buyer should note that Customs Duty and VAT is likely to be paid on top of the Purchase Price.

As a private individual shopping in the European Union (EU) via our website (www.quality-puppies.com, the Buyer should only pay VAT once, in the country where he or she makes his/her purchase. In this case this is Hungary where the current VAT rate is 27%. The country of the European Unions (EU) are: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom.

If the Buyer is a company registered in the European Union and has valid European VAT number, and resides in a different country than the origin of the dog, the dog will be invoiced without VAT. The Buyer needs to indicate it in his or her order.

During the import procedure Buyer may submit the Customs Declaration which document provides information to the Customs Authority about the goods, in this case about his or her dog that he or she is importing. Forwarder companies may offer to make the declaration on the Buyer’s behalf, but there is normally a charge for this service (customs clearance fee).

Finally Customs Clearance which is the documented permission to pass that the national Customs Authority grants to the imported dog so that he or she can enter the country. The customs clearance is typically given to the Forwarder companies to prove that all applicable customs duties have been paid and the imported dog has been approved.

In case of further questions national Customs Authorities and Tax administrations have the competence in this matter or the Seller will assist the Buyer.


If the Buyer has placed an order, he or she has committed to purchase that dog.

Purchase Prices of the advertised dogs on the website are subject to change without notice but changes will not affect orders that have already been accepted and confirmed.

The Seller reserves the right to cancel an order if there should be an issue with pricing description errors.

The Seller reserves the right to refund the deposit if he learns of any reason why the Buyer might not be suitable for the reserved dog. (I.e. Buyer is representative of a Pet Store.)

The Purchase Price does not include any shipping costs (if any) which are calculated separately.