Marley | Male Spider Monkey

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Spider Monkeys For Sale

Spider Monkeys For Sale. The spider monkey is a species of New World monkeys that is found naturally in the wild jungles of Southern Mexico all the way to Brazil. There are seven types of spider monkeys. These are White-bellied Spider Monkey (Ateles belzebuth), Peruvian Spider Monkey (Ateles chamek), Brown Spider Monkey (Ateles hybridus), White-cheeked Spider Monkey (Ateles marginatus), Black-headed Spider Monkey (Ateles fusciceps), Black Spider Monkey (Ateles paniscus) and Geffroy’s Spider Monkey (Ateles geoffroyi).

Spider monkeys can live 40 to 50 years old. They reach sexual maturity at 7 years old. Groups up to 30 can be found living together in the wild.

Baby Spider Monkey For Sale

Welcome to Tamed Monkey Breeders, we have home trained and intelligent baby spider monkeys for sale at very affordable prices. This particular monkeys are so lovely and amazing as they tend to act and behave like human beings. They have very high socialization skills and can perform a variety of house hold task. They also know to prepare their own food and even take care of the other house pets. If you are looking for a life time pet then spider monkey should be your first choice and they also have a long life span of about 40 to 50 years.

Buy Spider Monkey Near Me

Buy your spider monkey from us. We specialize in breeder monkeys with our major goals being the protection of wildlife and animal security. We do not sell our pets to any individual or family with a history of pet abuse and all our monkeys are rehomed for pet purposes only. This spider monkey comes with a one year health guarantee and also a hand written manual guide to help you understand everything about your monkey, including its health, vaccination, diet plan, training and others. In order to get one of these lovely pets, contact us directly via our email, number or place your order directly on our website.

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