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Buy Severe Macaw Online

Severe Macaws look very similar to their cousins the Red-Shouldered Macaws. These moderately sized parrots are a little larger then a Sun Conure and larger than the rest of the mini macaw species.They are predominantly green with patches of red and blue on the underside of the wings. Their chest feathers are tipped with a bit of chestnut brown, which is where their alternate common name is derived from.They have bare facial patches with fine black lines running across it. There is also a bit of brown down the sides of their cheeks and under the chin. A band of brown also goes across their forehead.Our baby macaw can accompany you by sitting on your shoulder while you do the household chores. Although they are screamers, They are actually capable of fluent talking. If not given adequate attention, these macaws can be nippy and destructive. Buy Severe Macaw Online


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