Blue-And-Gold Macaw



Blue-And-Gold Macaw

The blue-and-gold macaw is aptly named, with a gorgeous blue body and dark lemon-yellow chest, this is a bird that’s hard to miss. It also referred to as the blue-and-yellow macaw. This macaw has a green strip of feathers just above its black beak, and a partially naked face that will blush pink when it is excited. Its feet are dark gray or black, and it has a black “beard” of feathers just below its beak.If a blue-and-gold macaw remains healthy, it can live upwards of 70 years. This is a bird that will be with you for a lifetime, and you should prepare for this possibility, which may even include a trust or a clause in your Will dedicated to the bird.It’s approximately 85-90 cm (34-36 in.); wingspan 102-112.5 cm (41-45 in and Feeds on seeds, fruits, nuts, and berries.The Blue and Yellow Macaw reaches breeding age when they are 3 to 4 years old.They are known to pair for life and live in small family groups. Only two or three eggs are laid in a nest. It is thought that the female incubates them. However, both male and female aggressively defend the eggs.


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