Order Process

All purchases at www.quality-puppies.com take place in a safe environment using the latest SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption technology and a secure server. SSL is a function that encrypts all information between the Buyer and the Seller.

In the first step of the order process the Buyer selects his or her desired dog, he or she intends to buy by clicking on the “Meet Me” button on the dog’s profile page.

In the next step the Buyer chooses the most suitable Shipping Method: Air transport or Road transport and selects the desired destination (Destination airport or Destination country). The Shipping Price depends on the destination but it is free in case of Road transport to 7 countries: Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Slovakia and Czech Republic.

In the following step the Buyer may choose Extra Services such as Export Pedigree or Socialization Training for an extra charge.

As the Seller’s website is continuously visited by future dog owners it is firmly advised that the Buyer reserves his or her desired dog and makes sure no one else does it before him or her. The Buyer can complete the reservation by secure online payment of USD 500 Deposit. This deposit will be deducted from the Final Price. As soon as a Reservation is confirmed, the dog is booked for the Buyer and no one else can do it as the Seller won’t accept further reservations.

Last the Final Price is calculated that contains the Purchase Price of the dog, the Shipping Price if any and extra charges for additional services (Export Pedigree or Socialization Training).

After clicking on the Reserve Now button the Buyer lands on the Checkout page and may continue the order process by providing his or her Billing Details:

  • First Name,
  • Last Name,
  • Email address,
  • Phone number,
  • Country,
  • Town/City
  • Postcode/ZIP

In the next step but still on this page the Buyer will be asked to pay a Reservation Fee/Deposit to reserve his or her desired dog. This Reservation Fee/Deposit equals to USD 500 and will be deducted from the Final Price.

Before making a payment the Buyer can check his or her order on the Checkout page once again as the final order details are summed up: the name and the purchase price of the dog, the shipping method, destination airport or destination country and shipping price, VAT if any, Final Price, Deposit and the Remaining Balance are listed in this section.

Here, the Buyer has the opportunity to change the Shipping Method or the Extra Services by clicking on the “Change Shipping & Extras” button and will be redirected to the dog’s profile page and he or she may restart the ordering process.

After checking the order details and the Buyer finds them in order, he or she may select the Payment Methods. The following payment methods are accepted: PayPal or Bank Transfer. The Buyer may also pay with his or her Credit Card using PayPal where all major credit and debit cards are accepted and no PayPal Account is needed.

In the last step of the order process the Buyer shall accept by selecting the appropriate check box these General Terms and Conditions.

In case of choosing PayPal as Payment Method, by clicking on the “Proceed to PayPal” button the Buyer is redirected to the proprietary payment website of PayPal to process payment. If the Buyer has a PayPal account, he or she can pay by logging into his or her account. Without PayPal account the Buyer can pay with his or her debit or credit card providing his Card details, Billing address and Contact information to PayPal. At the bottom of this page the Buyer should click on the “Pay Now” button and finishes the payment process. With this the Buyer will land on the order confirmation page (“THANK YOU FOR YOUR ORDER” page) that specifies his or her order with Order Number, Date of Order, Payment Method, Order Details, Customer Details and Billing Address. After receiving the Deposit (USD 500), the Seller sends an order acknowledgement email to the Buyer.

In case of choosing Bank Transfer as Payment Method by clicking on the “Complete Purchase” button the Buyer lands on the order confirmation page (“THANK YOU FOR YOUR ORDER” page) that specifies his or her order with Order Number, Date of Order, Payment Method, Order Details, Customer Details, Billing Address and the Seller’s Bank Details to proceed payment. The Buyer should know that his or her order is kept on-hold until the Seller receives and confirms the Deposit (USD 500) payment. The Buyer should also remember that the majority of international bank transfers will reach the Seller’s account within 3-5 working days.

After receiving the Deposit (USD 500) the Seller reserves the ordered dog for the Buyer and changes the position of the sold dog to “Already found a new home” to prevent other Viewers of the website to reserve the same dog.

After receiving the Deposit (USD 500) the Seller also sends an order acknowledgement email to the Buyer. This is to advise that the Seller has received the order request. It is at this point that the Seller accepts the order and contract is formed. The contract concluded this way in English language between the Seller and the Buyer and it shall be considered a written agreement. The Seller has to keep the contract for two years after its conclusion.

The date of payment is the day when the Deposit (USD 500) is credited on the Seller’s bank account.

The Seller shall confirm the receipt of the payment that is paid by the Buyer within 24 hours from the time of its credit on the Seller’s account. The confirmation shall be sent to the Buyer’s email address.

If the Buyer provides wrong or inaccurate data during the order process, the Seller shall not be liable for any delays or failures in the reservation or delivery of the ordered dog or for other problems or errors.